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Romania Elevates copper to strategic material status: Euro Sun Mining’s reaction

Euro Sun Mining Inc., operating through its wholly owned Romanian subsidiary, SAMAX Romania S.R.L., welcomes the recent strategic move by the Romanian Government. On April 22, 2024, the government officially recognized copper as a strategic and critical material, signaling a significant shift in mining legislation. This decision aligns with Europe’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA), indicating Romania’s commitment to compliance.

The announcement, made by Romania’s Ministry of Economy, outlines comprehensive changes to mining regulations. These changes aim to simplify and streamline the inspection and permitting process for mine construction, as well as to open up new sites for acquiring critical minerals. Additionally, there are plans to adopt procedures for securing and accessing land for mining activities.

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Grant Sboros, Chief Executive Officer of Euro Sun, expresses optimism about this development. He emphasizes the importance of Romania’s intention to align with the CRMA and formally recognize copper’s strategic significance. Sboros also applauds the government’s plans to provide a regulatory framework conducive to attracting foreign investment and fostering public-private partnerships in the mining sector. The establishment of a single regulatory body for mining oversight is expected to expedite processes and enhance efficiency, which is particularly beneficial for Euro Sun.

As the owner of the second largest copper resource in Europe, Euro Sun remains committed to collaborating with the Romanian Government to understand and implement the changes in mining legislation. The company’s flagship project, the Rovina Valley gold and copper project in west-central Romania, stands to play a vital role in supporting a circular economy, driving investment, job creation, and supplying critical minerals for Europe’s green energy transition.

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