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Collaboration between ABB and Vulcan Energy advances sustainable lithium production in Europe

The collaboration between ABB and Vulcan Energy Resources, as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifies a significant step towards advancing sustainable lithium production in Europe. Vulcan’s ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project, situated in Germany’s Upper Rhine Valley, taps into naturally heated lithium-rich brine from underground reservoirs, utilizing geothermal heat to power the process, thus ensuring renewable energy is integral to the production.

With the European Union targeting 100 percent zero-emission vehicles by 2035, the demand for lithium is expected to skyrocket, making projects like Vulcan’s crucial for achieving sustainability goals. By producing carbon-neutral lithium, Vulcan’s initiative aligns with Europe’s ambition to transition to net-zero mobility and energy.

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The collaboration between ABB and Vulcan promises to leverage expertise in electrification and automation, ensuring efficient project execution and operation. ABB’s involvement from the early stages, including engagement with contractors and technology providers, underscores a commitment to innovation and sustainability in battery manufacturing.

In addition to addressing short-term design and optimization challenges, the partnership aims to support ongoing operational excellence and performance improvements throughout the project’s lifecycle. Vulcan’s focus on adapting existing technologies to extract lithium sustainably, combined with its renewable energy production capabilities, positions it as a pioneer in the integration of renewable energy and lithium production.

Overall, the collaboration between ABB and Vulcan represents a strategic alliance aimed at driving innovation and sustainability in the battery manufacturing landscape, with the potential to significantly impact Europe’s transition to a low-carbon future.

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