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Anti gold campaign Macedonia, 99.1% of Gevgelija residents vote against Gold mines on Kozuv mountain

Voters in Gevgelija rejected a proposal to build gold mines on Mount Kozuf in a municipal referendum held on Sunday. About 13.300 voters participated in the referendum, or 68 percent of the total. Out of them 13.100 were against opening the mines, while only 154 voted for. Putting this as a percentage, 99.1% of the people voted against it.

The turnout is big enough to make it a valid referendum, said municipal election commission head Mitko Dojcinov. This now means that the Gevgelija municipality will not issue licenses to the prospective gold mine operators in the area. Commercially viable gold deposits were found north-west of the city, along the Konjska river.

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Source: macedoniaonline

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