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Altilium releases update on Europe’s largest copper recycling project progress

Altilium announced the completion of the JORC drilling phase at our Medet copper mine waste recycling project in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. Covering 2,200 hectares, this recycling initiative aligns with our commitment to a circular and low carbon economy. By processing historic mine tailings, we’re extracting valuable copper crucial for battery anode current collectors, electric motors, and EV charging infrastructure.

This move will significantly supports Europe’s future battery industry.

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The successful completion of this stage of the project involved 107 drill holes and collection of 2,500 samples. The tailings samples are currently undergoing comprehensive analysis at a leading global laboratory, with initial results exceeding expectations. The next phase involves data compilation, validation, and resource modelling, all aligned with the JORC Code 2012 edition, with support from Ridge Consultants and designated Competent Person. In addition, an updated survey of the current tailings surface and valley has been completed, alongside a 3D reconstruction of the original topography to evaluate tailings material volumes accurately.

Anticipated by the end of Q1 2024, our maiden JORC resource statement allows informed decisions for investment in the Medet recycling project. Not only are we reducing the environmental impact of traditional mining by transforming mine tailings into essential raw materials for EV batteries, we’re fostering job creation and economic development in the Pirdop region of Bulgaria.

Altilium is a UK based clean technology group supporting global ambitions to combat climate change and transition to renewable energy. We are developing green processing technologies and will build at-scale infrastructure to recycle old EV batteries and mine tailings to supply the UK and EU with domestic, sustainable EV battery raw materials.

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