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Titan Mining Achieves Historic Zinc Production Milestone, Sets Ambitious 2024 Projections in New York

As dawn breaks over the Empire State Mine (ESM) in New York, a new chapter in zinc production is being written by Titan Mining Corporation. The company recently announced its preliminary production results for the fourth quarter and the entirety of 2023, alongside an optimistic guidance for 2024. In a year marked by unprecedented safety and operational milestones, Titan Mining not only celebrated its safest year since the mine’s reopening but also achieved a record 61.0 million payable pounds of zinc, showcasing a significant 16% increase over the previous year. This achievement is further augmented by the announcement of the discovery of the Kilbourne graphite trend within its permitted lands, hinting at a future beyond zinc.

A Year of Record-Breaking Achievements

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The heart of Titan Mining Corporation’s success lies in its strategic operations and safety protocols, which have led to an injury frequency rate considerably lower than the national average. This commitment to safety has paved the way for the company to reach new heights in zinc production. With 61.0 million payable pounds of zinc produced in 2023, Titan has set a new benchmark for itself and the industry. The discovery of the Kilbourne graphite trend adds another layer to Titan’s operational achievements, opening up potential avenues for diversification and growth.

Looking Ahead: 2024 Projections and Explorations

As Titan Mining Corporation sets its sights on 2024, the company remains focused on sustaining and building upon its record-breaking production levels. With an estimated production target of between 56-60 million pounds of payable zinc, Titan aims to maintain its competitive edge in the market. The projected C1 Cash Cost is anticipated to range between $0.98 and $1.02 per payable pound, while the All-in Sustaining Cost (AISC) is expected to be between $1.04 and $1.10 per payable pound. These estimates, however, remain subject to fluctuations in treatment charges. Beyond zinc, Titan’s exploration efforts will concentrate on advancing the Kilbourne graphite trend and exploring other district targets across its expansive control of over 80,000 acres of private mineral rights.

The Future of Zinc and Graphite at Titan Mining

Titan Mining Corporation’s forward-looking statements reveal a company at the cusp of significant growth, with expectations of continued performance reflection in share prices alongside improvements in the zinc market. The company’s guidance for production costs and its focus on exploration emphasize a strategic approach to not just sustaining but also expanding its operations. As Titan advances the Kilbourne graphite trend and other district targets, the company underscores its commitment to innovation and diversification, ensuring a resilient and dynamic future.

In conclusion, Titan Mining Corporation’s record zinc production in 2023 and the optimistic outlook for 2024 underscore the company’s robust position in the mining industry. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and exploration, Titan is poised to continue its trajectory of growth, navigating the challenges and opportunities of the zinc market with strategic agility. The discovery of the Kilbourne graphite trend on its permitted lands further amplifies Titan’s potential, marking the beginning of a new era in its mining ventures.


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