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Sirius secures €1.2 million funding to pioneer sustainability solutions in metals and mining Industry

Sirius, a groundbreaking startup revolutionizing the metals and mining industry, has successfully raised an oversubscribed pre-seed round of €1.2 million from investors including Fund F, BlackWood, WEPA Ventures, Techstars, and select angels. This influx of capital positions Sirius to reshape the traditionally underestimated metals and mining sector.

The funding injection will further expedite the deployment of Sirius’s AI-driven ‘sustainability twin,’ a pioneering solution designed to streamline and cut sustainability data management time by an impressive 80%. This development comes at a critical time for the metal sector, a vital component of the green economy, responding to heightened stakeholder demands for sustainability measures.

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Founded in 2022 by Anastasia Kuskova, Sergey Tyan, and Seva Martynov, Sirius is on a mission to address longstanding challenges hindering sustainability teams in implementing effective changes within the metals, mining, and manufacturing industries.

Anastasia Kuskova, CEO and co-founder of Sirius, expressed her personal frustration as a Sustainability Officer, emphasizing the lack of tailored tools for professionals in complex industries. Sirius aims to fill this void, ushering in a new era of innovative and efficient solutions for forward-looking clients.

In order to support the green economy, metal production, particularly for crucial elements like lithium, cobalt, and nickel powering the low-carbon economy, needs to increase substantially. However, the industry contributes about 12% of global CO2 emissions and grapples with environmental, social, and ethical challenges. Sirius aims to bridge this technological gap by enhancing sustainability team efficiency, automating data sharing, and providing insights into stakeholder needs, thereby accelerating the industry’s transition to sustainable practices.

Sirius boasts a stellar team with expertise in metals, mining, technology, and sustainability, along with a track record of developing solutions alongside industry giants like Tesla and the World Economic Forum.

Investors expressed confidence in Sirius’s potential impact, with Nina Wöss, Managing Partner at Fund F, praising the company as an essential solution for transitioning to a low-carbon world. Martin Olczyk, Managing Director of Techstars, lauded Sirius for its significant progress and unique, forward-thinking product that addresses a substantial market gap. Carl-Luis Rieger, Managing Director of WEPA Ventures, highlighted Sirius’s role as a key pillar in the sustainability enterprise software stack, catering to the evolving responsibilities of Chief Sustainability Officers.

Bastian R. Larsen, CEO of BlackWood Ventures, underscored Sirius’s alignment with innovation and purpose, emphasizing the company’s commitment to filling a crucial gap in the sustainability space with a tailored solution catering to the core needs of the ‘hard-to-abate’ industry.

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