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"Rio Tinto" Opens Info Center in Loznica Serbia

From next week in Loznica one can get all information about “Jadar” Project in one place, or research papers aimed at opening the future jadarite mine in this area.
“Rio Tinto” will open Information Center in Gimnazijska ulica with a goal toprovide the citizens of Loznica and surrounding area the necessary information about development, goals and the further steps for the implementation of “Jadar” Project.
Wishing to provide reliable first-hand information to all interested parties, info center willcontribute to strengthening the cooperation with the local community in order to continuebuilding long-term relationships and mutual trust – it was announced from the company.
The opening ceremony of info center will be attended by Loznica Mayor Vidoje Petrovic and CEO of the company “Rio Sava Exploration”, Richard Story. We would like to remind that the team of Serbian and American geologists employed in “RioTinto” company discovered deposit containing mineral called jadarite near Loznica in 2004. Jadar Valley is still the only place in the world where this mineral has been found.
Incidentally, jadarite has almost the same chemical composition as the kryptonite, the fictionalmineral in Superman movie story.
In the villages around Draginac, along the banks of the Jadar River the significant, world-class deposits of lithium and boron have been discovered andmultinational company invests a lot of money in technical, economic as well as social-environmental studies in order to create conditions for the responsible development of the project. Due to high concentrations of lithium and boron, as well as 200 million tons estimated geological deposit, Jadar is considered to be one of the largest lithium deposits in the world. If it is to bedeveloped, jadarite could supply 10 percent of needs for lithium at the global level.
Both target products of the project, lithium and boron, play an important role in energy-efficientfuture. This role, among other things, is reflected in the use of lithium to produce batteries forelectric vehicles, as well as the use of boron in the preparation of fiber glass insulation andbuilding windmills.
From the very beginning of project development, the company “Rio Tinto” has worked closelywith the Government of the Republic of Serbia and local authority officials, in order to provideconditions for the project to have responsible progress and in a way to contribute to the well-being of local community.

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