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Rio Tinto Jadar Serbia lithium project assessment results optimistic

Jadar lithium mining project of Rio Tinto is highly perspective project for the company, the investor channeled significant resources in location drilling and research claim from Rio Tinto Serbia.

Rio Tinto Serbia director Richard Story presented the Jadar project on recently held Mining Conference in Belgrade. The strategy of Rio Tinto Minerals includes investment into long term mining operations with low costs and expansion options in most attractive mining exploration sector.

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Jadar project location is just near the efficient infrastructure. Story reminded that jadar mineral is unique, containing lithium and borates which are the basic resource for all domestic and commercial appliances. Lithium is used in batteries which are running the vehicles, PCs, mobiles and complete industrial systems.

Rio Tinto invested significant amounts including the construction of pilot facility for refining. Pilot facility analysis, based in California USA, are being used to prove the refining method of jadarite and potential size of facility which would have to be built in Serbia.

Since the mineral location confirmation in the valley of Jadar, samples from over 200 drill holes were collected and completed more than 19.000 analysis which are the basis for optimistic opinion on the sustainability of this project. Mineralization is being conducted in three sediment horizons which are named lower, middle and upper zone of jadarite.

In 2015 company started the hydro geological research and 3D seismic research which lasted between 11.7-15.9.2015

Rio Tinto representative also explained the social economic and environment aspects of the projects. Rio Tinto believes that is necessary to understand the implications of Serbian legal requirements and obtain full concordance of permits schedules with overall project plans and all related to environment impact requirements. The investor needs to plan wisely all this inderdependancies understing the ongoing EU-Serbia environment harmonization process. Finally investor needs to ensure the implementation of ESIA within the studies development and during the design engineering phases.

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