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Lithium and boron deposits of Rio Tinto Minerals in Serbia properties

Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said that the lithium and boron deposit in “Jadar” near Loznica is a project of global significance.

During the visit of “Jadar” deposit, Antic said that this unique mineral deposit contained a high percentage of lithium, adding that the site would significantly impact the future of Serbia.

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“There are about hundreds of millions of tons of material and with all the results so far it is the site which can satisfy 20 percent of global needs of lithium, which is one of the most important strategic raw material of the future on which will depend the production both of batteries and new technologies”, said Antic.

Vice President of the Australian company Rio Tinto Minerals for Serbia Kevork Chouzadjian said that for the company and its subsidiary company Rio Sava Exploration also was very important project in Loznica, whose purpose is the production of lithium.

As he pointed out, the company invests heavily in research findings and the possibility of its exploitation that will be safe for humans and the environment.

He showed to the Minister Antic and local government representatives’ specifications of works, as well as the method of 3D seismic modeling, which will serve to meet the structural characteristics of the deposit. “It is very much working on engineering design and we believe that it will take several years to complete a survey and we will then see how much money and time will be needed to open the mine”, said Chouzadjian

Doing a geological survey enabled by the concession far from Loznica, in the valley of the river Jadar, the company ” Rio Tinto ” has found a mineral named kryptonite, which contains lithium and boron, which was published in 2007th as an extremely global discovery. Practical application of kryptonite is possible in electronics, medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, military and aerospace industry.

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