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Holcim sold Serbia property to CRH Ireland

Two leading companies in the building materials production, Holcim and Lafarge, said they have reached an agreement within the process of announced mergers on the sale of its assets in a number of countries to the Irish company CRH, including the assets of Holcim in Serbia. This deal includes stone and lime quarries which are being exploited under current mining and environment legislation.

According to the statement, the property includes parts of two companies operating in seven European countries, Canada, Brazil, the Philippines and the United States, and the value of the contract amounts to 6.5 billion EUR.

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European countries where Holcim or Lafarge parts will be alienated are Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where Lafarge assets will be sold, and France, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia, where Holcim assets will be sold.

Holcim in Serbia has a cement factory in Popovac near Paracin and concrete factory in Belgrade. Lafarge is the owner of a cement factory in Beocin and concrete plants and cement in Belgrade.

Companies Holcim and Lafarge announced earlier merger in the world’s largest company for the cement and building materials production, LafargeHolcim, and body for competition protection led to a merger by selling part of the assets of both companies.

The sale, as stated, is conditioned by the successful fusing of Holcim and Lafarge and its details will be presented to the bodies for the competition protection and CRH shareholders.

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