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Green Home Commends Ministry’s Decision on Contract Termination for Brskovo Mine

NGO Green Home has welcomed the position of the line ministry headed by Sasa Mujovic on the termination of the contract for the Brskovo mine in Mojkovac.

“For a long time, Green Home has been pointing out the perniciousness of this project, and we believe that terminating the contract with the concessionaire is a step in the right direction when it comes to the future of Mojkovac and its wider area, as well as Montenegro”, Green Home has announced.

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They emphasize that all relevant facts indicate that Montenegro would have more harm than good from this deal, and it is high time to put an end to the idea of reopening this mine.

The NGO notes that the polluted environment, as it would be as a result of the reopening and operation of the mine, is not an environment that would make the population stay in that city, but it is precisely the trend for citizens to leave polluted environments in order to preserve their own health and the health of their loved ones.  


Source: CDM

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