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EBRD KfW loan for Serbia coal mine Kolubara

Within the realization of the first “green project” in the Mining basin “Kolubara” has begun the training of “Kolubara” and EPS management on the part of the Project “C” which refers to the expansion of the landfill and coal homogenization, and control system of coal quality.  Consultants from open pit mines “Mibrag” and RWE perform training. It is predicted to realize 30 trainings for a period of 122 days.

– A project of this kind is carried out for the first time in Serbia, and the use of new technologies requires knowledge of all elements of the control system of the coal quality. The training aim is to enable “Kolubara” experts to meet the requirements of thermal power plants on the coal quality in the future, when expected adverse geological conditions of coal exploitation- are explained Dr. Darko Danicic, manager of the part of the project financed by KfW.

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The training will last until the first days of June, and the continuation is expected in September. A wide range of topics and numerous case studies within the training will provide a detailed introduction to the experience of German mines “Mibrag” and RWE, the largest coal producer in Europe. Their experience will help to avoid initial mistakes with which the German mines faced and introduce the complicated job into routine.

Tender for procurement of homogenization equipment should be released in May. It is expected that the project realization will last 27 months due to KfW Bank procedure, and that the plant will begin operations no later than for three years. The system leads to the rational coal use as a non-renewable natural resource, safe supply of power plants by lignite of uniform quality and emissions reductions. Introduction of equalizing the coal quality in MB “Kolubara” will enable the optimization of the combustion process in TENT boilers; contribute to efficiency increase and environmental pollution reduction on the territories of Lazarevac, Lajkovac, Ub and Obrenovac. With this project MB “Kolubara” actively participate in the achievement of the objectives of the national strategy for sustainable development, cleaner production and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The project “Improvement of the Environment in the Kolubara coal basin” is worth 182 MEUR. It is funded by a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with 80 MEUR, the German Development Bank (KfW) with 74 MEUR, and from its own resources of “Serbia Power Utility Company” in amount of 28 MEUR.

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