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Boron Revolution: Paving the Way for Global Decarbonization through Sustainable Production

As the world transitions to cleaner energy, specific materials and their derivatives will need access to more secure sources. 5E Advanced Materials, Inc. is providing access to one such material: boron, through sustainable production practices.

In the pursuit of global decarbonisation, the significance of sustainable and resilient supply chains for critical materials cannot be overstated. Among these materials, boron stands out for its unique properties and essential role in various green technologies.

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5E Advanced Materials, Inc. is at the forefront of this movement, aiming to fuel the world’s transition to a greener future through its vision of vertically integrated production of boron and lithium.

What are the advantages of boron?

Boron, often overlooked in mainstream discourse, is a metalloid element with exceptional properties that make it indispensable across various applications. Its high melting point, lightweight nature, hardness, corrosion resistance, and antimicrobial properties make it vital in several industrial, defence-related, and energy transition products.

From permanent magnets to solar panels and aerospace technologies, boron plays a pivotal role in advancing technologies crucial for decarbonisation efforts worldwide. Its versatility extends to applications in industrial fertilisers, specialty glass, fibre optics, turbines and more, making it an indispensable resource for building a sustainable future.

It is the various forms that boron can be refined into that 5E is facilitating. Boric acid and boron acid are vital for glass used in solar panels, glass and magnets used in electric vehicles, and wind turbine blades, while boron carbides and nitrides are used in products such as aerospace ceramics, borosilicate glass for fibre optic networks, and various materials such as glass and ceramics used in satellites.

Securing the supply chain

Despite its importance, the global supply chain for boron is vulnerable, with a significant portion sourced from a limited number of regions, primarily Turkey. Located in Southern California (home of the largest boron mine in the US, producing almost half the world’s borates,) 5E Advanced Materials recognises the critical need for a secure domestic supply and is well-positioned to meet that demand.

This complex represents the largest known new conventional boron deposit domestically and has received Critical Infrastructure designation from the US Government. By leveraging this strategic advantage, 5E is poised to address the growing demand for boron and mitigate supply chain risks associated with foreign dependency.

Sustainable production of boron for a greener tomorrow

In addition to ensuring supply chain resilience, 5E Advanced Materials prioritises sustainable production practices. Their local operational strategy emphasises energy efficiency and minimises environmental impact, aligning with the overarching goal of global decarbonisation.

Through integrated, on-site processing and closed-loop methodologies, 5E reduces energy consumption, minimises resource utilisation and curtails greenhouse gas emissions. By employing in-situ extraction techniques, the company further minimises environmental disturbance compared to traditional mining methods, setting a new standard for responsible resource extraction.

Pioneering progress: Recent developments

5E Advanced Materials, Inc. has recently made significant strides in its mission to revolutionise the boron market and drive global decarbonisation. The company has been operating the mine in California since 1 January 2024, producing initial results that meet or exceed expectations.

In a recent press release detailing operational updates, the company recognised:

All four of the injection/recovery wells are fully operational and, in combination, are effectively managing the extraction of PLS (Pregnant Leach Solution);

Boric acid head grade has surpassed 5.0% and is on a steady upward trajectory, which exceeds historical levels;

The company has confirmed the presence of lithium through its extraction process and continues to see the parts per million (ppm) content increase as the wells continue to be conditioned;

Following the execution of a recent recapitalisation, the company has engaged an electrical contractor, now on-site, to progress the final stages of the boric acid and gypsum areas of the plant;

All related operational schedules remain on target for completion by early March.

These early successes underscore the company’s commitment to operational excellence and validate the strategic value of its ore body. By leveraging cutting-edge extraction techniques and advanced processing capabilities, 5E is poised to maintain its momentum, continuing to execute against strategic and operational milestones.

A call to action: Recognising boron’s strategic importance

The demand for boron is likely to grow, with predictions of it growing between 1.5 and 2.5 times the current demand between 2025 and 2030. While around 20-30% of the current demand is for applications related to decarbonisation, this, too, is likely to grow to around 65-75%. As such, with the current supply, the disparity between supply and demand will grow significantly, and boron prices will skyrocket. Doubly so with world politics such as Russian sanctions and environmental concerns, there is a need for more suppliers.

The importance of boron extends beyond its applications in green technologies; it is a strategic asset critical to national security and clean energy goals. Recognising this significance, a bipartisan group of congressional leaders has advocated for the inclusion of boron in the U.S. Geologic Survey’s 2025 Critical Mineral List.

5E Advanced Materials, Inc. fully supports this initiative, emphasising the urgency of establishing a secure domestic supply chain for boron and its derivatives. By championing legislative efforts and driving awareness of boron’s strategic importance, 5E is advancing its mission to become a global supplier of critical materials essential for a sustainable future.

The importance of sustainable boron production for a clean future

In the journey towards global decarbonisation, the role of innovative companies like 5E Advanced Materials, Inc. cannot be overstated. By harnessing the unique properties of boron and pioneering sustainable production practices, 5E is driving meaningful progress toward a greener, more resilient future.

As mining operations at the Boron Americas Complex continue to yield promising results, 5E Advanced Materials, Inc. emerges not just as a visionary concept but as a tangible force driving change in the global decarbonisation landscape. 5E looks forward to 2024 as it continues to advance the company’s vision of becoming the newest domestic producer of boric acid and lithium carbonate.


Source: Innovation News Network

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