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Beowulf Mining revises Kallak North application

Mineral exploration and development company Beowulf updated the market on the application process for Kallak North on Friday, having submitted a letter to the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden on 21 September.
The AIM-traded firm said the letter revised its application boundary to encompass both the Concession Area, delineated by the Kallak North orebody, and the activities necessary to support a “modern and sustainable” mining operation.
Beowulf’s revised boundary takes into account the judgement made by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden in the Norra Kärr case, which stated that activities associated with a mining operation, but outside of the previously considered Concession Area, need to be studied as part of an application for an Exploitation Concession.
All the activities associated with a mine at Kallak, and their environmental effects, have been comprehensively studied as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project, Beowulf’s board claimed.
The EIA was also reviewed in full by the County Administrative Board during the period from April 2013 to October 2014.
In the letter, Beowulf said it reaffirmed the commitment it made in November 2014 in response to the concerns raised by the CAB in October 2014 about a specific transport corridor under consideration, to eliminate the corridor that passes in a north-north-easterly direction through the Jelka-Rimakåbbå Natura 2000 area.
“We have been proactive in addressing what we believe are the matters raised by the Norra Kӓrr case, to facilitate the Mining Inspectorate’s further review of the company’s application,” said Beowulf CEO Kurt Budge.
“We have always maintained that we have carried out all the necessary work to get an Exploitation Concession awarded.
“In 2015, and before the Norra Kӓrr judgement, this was validated by gaining the support of the CAB and the recommendation of the Mining Inspectorate.”

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