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Balkan mining Australia continues its Bosnia Celebici zink, lead, copper research project

Balkan Mining Australia continues the research of zink, lead and copper in Foca municipality location Celebici is ongoing stated the mayors office.

Balkan Mining PTY Ltd Australia, i.e. concession company Western Mining Ltd. Banja Luka concluded a contract on exploration of lead, zinc, copper and accompanying metals in the exploration area Celebici, municipality of Foca.

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After initial drilling on the dept of 70m, 37 new drill holes were open with ongoing drill results assessments. Some of the drill holes are 400m length.

There are 15 geology engineers and miners engaged on the mine location assessment process. Samples were prepared for investigation on the raw ore contents of zink, lead and copper. The results of the ore quality will influence the extraction and exploration decision.

According to mayors office Balkan mining Australia local subsidiary Western Mining Banja Luka invested so far around 1MEUR. Company representatives are satisfied with current results and have hopes that the sample analysis will enable the decision for mine opening.

Balkan Mining has the ongoing 3 year concession license for mining research in Foca municipality locations toward the Pljevlja Montenegro border

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