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Ariana to explore Turkey’s ‘hot gold’ corridor

Gold exploration and development company Ariana Resources is planning to conduct exploration along what it calls the “hot gold” corridor, in Turkey, throughout this year.

Several well defined target areas at Ardala South East and South West, Hizarliyayla and Incesu South, besides others, will become the focus of generative soil and rock-chip sampling work.
“The Salinbas project, although already containing a Joint Ore Reserves Committee-compliant resource of about one-million ounces gold equivalent, remains only partially explored,” MD Dr Kerim Sener said in a statement on Wednesday.

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He pointed out that there are several drilling results, rock-chip, soil and geophysical and geological targets that have not yet been tested to any significant degree.

“These targets are mainly defined within and around the Salinbas and Ardala resource areas but several additional targets lie elsewhere within the 16-km-long ‘hot gold’ corridor.”

Sener noted that Ariana is excited by the possibility that the mineralised part of the Ardala porphyry extends for a further kilometre to the south and represents a style of mineralisation that is rich in molybdenum.

“We are also particularly encouraged by several significant rock-chip and soil anomalies encountered in the Hizarliyayla area, which lies about 8 km to the north along the same geological trend,” he said.

The Salinbas project is located in the Pontide Metallogenic province in north-eastern Turkey and lies 80 km south-east of the coastal city of Hopa and 20 km east of Artvin.

The project comprises three notable prospects including Salinbas, Ardala and Hizarliyayla.

source: miningweekly.com

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