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Algeria’s Minister lays foundation stone for Tala Hamza zinc-lead deposit project, signifying economic advancement

In a ceremony held in Bejaia province, Minister of Energy Mohamed Arkab marked a significant milestone with the commencement of the Tala Hamza zinc-lead deposit project by laying its foundation stone. This initiative signifies a crucial step towards leveraging the region’s mineral wealth for economic progress.

Addressing attendees, Minister Arkab provided assurances to landowners affected by the project, stating that the compensation process for expropriated lands was underway and nearing completion. He affirmed, “The process is underway, and we are nearing its conclusion. Landowners will be compensated very soon.” The Tala Hamza mining project, a collaboration between Algeria and Australia, aims to exploit the zinc and lead reserves in the deposit. Minister Arkab stressed that this partnership would significantly enhance the country’s mining production, generating economic value. He also emphasized the commitment to environmental considerations and sustainable development throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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Minister Arkab highlighted the project’s current stage of implementation, following the completion of all technical feasibility studies and the receipt of necessary authorizations. The strategic partnership with Australia signifies broader global collaboration in Algeria’s efforts to expand its mining sector.

In addition to the Tala Hamza initiative, Minister Arkab announced the commissioning of two other notable projects in Tlemcen and Mascara provinces. “The operationalization of the Tala Hamza mine in Bejaia coincides with the commencement of production for the Bentonite production project in Tlemcen, with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons. Another project for calcium carbonate production in Mascara, boasting an annual capacity of 100,000 tons, has also been brought into service,” he declared. These developments align with Algeria’s commitment to enhancing its mining sector, promoting economic growth, and embracing environmentally sustainable practices.

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